A Clean Environment is a Better Environment

A large number of disease are caused by unhygienic environment. If we are able to keep our environment clean we could rid of many health problems. There are tons of waste produced everyday by many industries. They not pollute the air, but also make our environment unsafe for our future generations. Not many steps are taken in managing the environment sustainably. Pollution, biodiversity loss, and overuse of water and land increasingly threatens our environment. The immediate and long-term consequences of climate change from a warmer planet to more-acidic oceans further threaten progress on poverty reduction and development.

We should focus on nurturing greener, growth and poverty reduction while protecting bio-diversity and ecosystems. Our world leaders should co-operate and support countries valuing their natural capital assets like forests, reefs, wetlands, corals etc and incorporating them into their systems of national accounts. This will lead to better decisions in managing economies sustainably. There is also a need to work with broad coalition of governments, NGO’s and international agencies to find better ways to restore the world’s oceans to health and economic productivity. Healthy and biodiverse oceans are essential for food security, jobs, and the sustainable quality of life on earth.